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Need help with a search - how to craft the query???

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:21 am
by madcitylunartic
Hi -- I have a person who works for me who is very unresponsive, and I am getting ready for his performance review. I send him email, and he usually never responds or responds only after days. So I want to make a list of all email correspondence in order to document his behavior to give him specific coaching. For example, "I sent you X emails and you only responded to Y" and "your average response time was X hours"

So I think I want to search my email for the following conditions
1 - all emails sent AND received to/from ONLY to this certain person
2 - from 10/1/2014 until now
3 - sorted by date, then subject

How do I get the above to show up in a single search. Otherwise, I'd have to do multiple searches and compare the results.