Can't install X1

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Can't install X1

Postby APerson » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:31 am

I'm not a happy camper. I tried the X1 trial edition on my laptop and it seems to work well. I'm currently working on my desktop and have spent an enormous amount of time trying to locate something (which I still can't find) so I took the plunge and bought X1 last night. First, I couldn't install it at all and had to send an e-mail for support - I got the response this morning. I've now managed to get the install process to work (last night, it would start and then suddenly stop then completely disappear), however, I'm now being asked for my license id and password. The only problem is - I NEVER received these! I did receive an e-mail that should have contained this information but that e-mail states "License retrieval failure." Looking at my receipt online and also trying to "recover" the information produces the same results. I've tried calling X1 and all I get is voicemail. :x Ugh!!
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Re: Can't install X1

Postby Kenward » Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:28 am

Pity this happened at the weekend, when the X1 folks are "resting", but you should be able to run the trial version. That's the same as the full version, but it will die in a couple of weeks. With luck you will have fixed it by then.

But you may be able to get the code now. If you go to the support pages:

Product Support for Desktop Search

then Log in to X1 Premium Support you will either get into the system if it recognises you, and you can get the code there (under YOUR PRODUCTS), or you will land on a Lost registration code link:

Lost registration code >

Feed it your email address and maybe it will cough up the code.
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