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How to search 'All' by date?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:22 am
by berko
I’ve just upgraded to V8.

I'm searching for 'All' and want to sort all items by date.
In the previous version I could sort search results from different types (documents, Emails, attachments) per the *same* date field, there was a ‘date’ column that was common to all. How do I get the same functionality with V8?

The issue is that documents and Emails do not have the same 'date' field.
To view the dates of both Emails (attachments) and documents I have to configure the view with two separate 'date' fields: 'Date modified' or 'Date Created' for documents, and 'Date/Time' for Emails (Attachments), hence I can't sort by date a view that combines documents and Emails (attachments).
Is there a way to bypass this limitation, and to see documents and Emails in the *same* view *sorted by date*

I’m searching ‘All; in table mode.