Big problem: search in mail AND its attachments

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Big problem: search in mail AND its attachments

Postby giuse » Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:27 am

Hi, comparing the 8.2 version with windows search I discovered that X1 searches separately emails and their attachments.
That means that if I have an email with a text "Customer" that has an attachment (might be also an email) with text "Apple" and I search for
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Customer AND Apple

I find nothing, neither in the "All" view since X1 does not find an item that has both terms! Windows search finds it (correctly) since the attachment is part of the mail.
Is it a big open problem or should I search differently?

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Re: Big problem: search in mail AND its attachments

Postby Jerald Metz » Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:55 pm

Hi there Giuse,

X1 Search does indeed allow you to search for terms contained in any email and any attachment at one time.

To search within emails and attachment content, select the "Outlook All Email" saved search. This search will look in all email fields, content, and attachment content for the text you've entered into the primary search box.

When you select a result you can click on the attachment to instantly preview the attachment and your search terms will be highlighted in the document.

Hope this helps.

Jerald Metz
Product Manager, X1 Search 8

Please feel free to reach me directly at jmetz (at) x1 (dot) com
Jerald Metz
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