X1 8.2 and files and VMWare

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X1 8.2 and files and VMWare

Postby VictorWaner » Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:01 am

Just a note to anyone wishing to use X1 8.2 and VMWare and index network files, X1 still remains not fit for purpose. The problems I have reported on this Forum and to X1 directly remain:

It is not possible to get X1 to index files reliably or at all which are located on the Mac side of a computer, whether or not:

1. the files are accessed via conventional network address (\\macmini\\...); or

2. the share feature of VMWare (which assigns a drive letter in the virtual machine and then user can assign one or more folders to that drive letter)

X1 can deal with one folder from the Mac side (containing a small amount of files) but stops working if more than one folder is added in File Options or a folder with lots of sub-folders. X1 simply cancels indexing.

I know it that it must be possible to do so as Copernic Desktop Search is able to index files on the Mac side of things whether 1. or 2. above are chosen as the means of accessing the files. That program appears to have no problems in indexing all the files I choose to index.

However, Copernic lacks a couple of features which means I cannot switch to it (it is not possible to move more than file at a time(!) and it is not possible to search for emails in several folders (e.g. inbox and sent items). Just X1 refuses continually to deal with some issues (e.g. regarding its installation methods) Copernic has not implemented the feature to be able to move more than 1 email/file at a time, despite request running back to at 2010 to do so and promises that they would).

There has been some marginal improvement for indexing IMAP (X1 on the whole runs slightly less often at 100% of CPU.
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