X1 Search 8.3.1 Release - Build 5003au

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X1 Search 8.3.1 Release - Build 5003au

Postby Jerald Metz » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:42 pm


We are happy to announce the release of X1 Search 8.3.1.

If you haven't yet received a notice to upgrade, you can do so by accessing Help > Check for Updates.

You can also download it here:


X1 Search 8.3.1 includes fixes for some of our top crashes, as well as new features such as search history and the ability to filter Saved Searches in the Saved Search Pane.

Full release notes are below, however I wanted to call out a few features:

Search History

We now store up to 10 previous searches made from the primary search box. Each Saved Search (Email, Attachments, Files, Documents, etc.) will store its own search history.

We've also added options to disable and clear search history via Menu > Options > Search.


Saved Search Filtering

As we continue to add support for connectors like Symantec Enterprise Vault and SharePoint, the number of Saved Searches available to our users is growing. To help users manage this, we've added a simple search box to the Saved Search pane that will allow you to quickly filter your Saved Searches. Matching searches are highlighted, while the rest are temporarily hidden.


Collapsible Email Header

Some of our forum users noted that headers can take up decent screen real estate, particularly when using a bottom preview. You can now minimize the header of emails which will hide all header detail except the subject. This change will apply for all email searches (Outlook and IMAP) and will persist until you expand it or restart X1.

Release Notes (Build 5003au):

New Features

    * Added simple filter to Saved Searches pane
    * Added search history for last 10 searches to primary search box
    * Added option to disable Search History feature
    * Added option to clear Search history for all searches
    * Added ability to minimize email header for Outlook and IMAP email preview
    * User-created searches are now displayed as blue in Saved Search pane
    * SharePoint: Added "Add to SharePoint" PSA to Files Connector
    * SharePoint: Changed default view for list items to display the SharePoint web preview
    * Rapid: Added "Open" PSA for Exchange and PST emails indexed by Rapid server (Requires upgrade to Rapid Server)

Bug Fixes

    * Fixed an issue that caused the original received date to be incorrect when replying to IMAP emails
    * Fixed an issue that caused column order in "Choose columns" to not match current display order
    * Fixed an issue that caused column width changes to carry over to other searches
    * Fixed a crash when loading a Calendar item with hundreds or thousands of recipients
    * Various bug fixes

Note: If you continue to experience an issue after upgrading, please consider opening a support ticket here:


Thank you all again for continuing to support X1 and for your great feedback here in the forums!
Jerald Metz
Product Manager, X1 Search 8

Please feel free to reach me directly at jmetz (at) x1 (dot) com
Jerald Metz
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