X1 Search 8.4 Beta Release 2 - Build 5003lt

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X1 Search 8.4 Beta Release 2 - Build 5003lt

Postby Jerald Metz » Tue Sep 29, 2015 5:44 pm

Hello beta group!

The first beta build has expired so we wanted to push out an update to the group with a few fixes and an extension on the expiration. This build will expire on October 31st, 2015.

We have a little more polish to wrap up with the new bootstrapper, so it is not included with this update. Quality is very important to us, even in beta! We plan to push out a follow-up update in a few days with the new bootstrapper framework. More to come!

In the meantime, please take a moment to upgrade to the new beta build (5003lt). Links and release notes for this build are below:

Beta 2 Downloads:

• X1SearchSetupBeta.exe (bootstrapper that will determine the correct bitness, download the MSI and walk you through the install process)

• X1Search32.msi (x32 bit version)

• X1Search.msi (Since x64 is the standard there is no bitness in the name)

Release Notes (X1 Search 8.4 Beta 2, build 5003lt)

New Features and Improvements

- OUTLOOK: Updated Outlook scanner naming throughout product to make them consistent
- Added GPO to control “Start X1 when I start Windows” option
- Added GPO to control “Start X1 Minimized” option
- Added GPO to control “Start X1 Indexing Service when I start Windows” option
- Updated Data Source list to always display default connectors first (Outlook, Files)

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an installer issue that caused custom install paths to be overwritten by the default path (Only evidenced in beta)
- Fixed an issue that caused UI to be too small if user removed data sources
- Fixed an error that could lead to an “ArgumentOutOfRangeException” crash
- Fixed an error that could lead to a “DataGridException: SetCurrent cannot be invoked while another SetCurrent is in progress” crash
- Fixed an issue that caused refinement tabbing to break when one or more columns were not visible
- OUTLOOK: Fixed an issue that could lead to broken previews for emails attached to other emails
- OUTLOOK: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect network error message from appearing when X1 is unable to access a local PST message
- RAPID: Fixed an issue where blank Rapid searches would produce erroneous highlighting of “0”s

Thank you again for your continued support as part of our beta community!
Jerald Metz
Product Manager, X1 Search 8

Please feel free to reach me directly at jmetz (at) x1 (dot) com
Jerald Metz
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