X1 Search 8.4 Beta Release 3 - Build 5003of

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X1 Search 8.4 Beta Release 3 - Build 5003of

Postby Michael Devin » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:09 pm

Hello Beta Community!

We are happy to announce we just updated the public beta for X1 Search 8.4. The Search 8.4 beta download links and release notes are at the bottom of this post.

In this X1 Search 8.4 beta refresh 3 we finalized our connectors for OneDrive, OneDrive for Business (O365), and OneDrive for SharePoint 2013. We also added the ability to share, save and import custom saved searches.

Last but certainly not least, this public beta release is the first to include our new bootstrapper and the full MSI download availability. The bootstrapper downloads the latest code, and the actual MSI installer for both x32 and x64 operating systems. There are a few links available below depending on what you prefer to install. The new MSI will help users only download the code from X1 one time if they are going to install it on more than one computer. It will also enable Enterprise IT administrators to use their standard MSI deployment tools.

Please make note of the following:

NOTE: This beta build has a hard-coded expiration of 11/15/2015. We plan to release X1 Search 8.4 GA during the week of 10/26/15.

NOTE: There are a few known issues you may encounter when running the beta. We are in the midst of resolving these issues in advance of the upcoming release.

• Touchscreen users: In certain cases the new bootstrapper is not centering on launch
• OneDrive users: A bug with certain special characters in the password for OneDrive

X1SearchSetupBeta.exe (bootstrapper that will determine the correct bitness, download the MSI and walk you through the install process)
http://download.x1.com/downloads/search ... upBeta.exe

X1Search32.msi (x32 bit version)
http://download.x1.com/downloads/search ... arch32.msi

X1Search.msi (Since x64 is the standard there is no bitness in the name)
http://download.x1.com/downloads/search ... Search.msi

Release Notes (X1 Search 8.4 Beta 3, build 5003of)

New Features/Enhancements

• Created a new MSI installer with advanced installation options
• Added multipurpose connector for OneDrive, OneDrive for Business (O365), OneDrive for Business (SharePoint 2013)
• Added ability to save custom Saved Searches
• Added ability to send custom Saved Searches via email
• Added ability to open custom Saved Searches directly from OS
• Added ability to import custom Saved Searches from Saved Searches pane
• Added prompt to deactivate license on uninstall
• Implemented faster preview for email and attachments accessed through X1 Rapid Discovery server plugin
• Outlook: Added indexing of “Flag text” for Outlook emails
• Box: Added scan % detail to status bar mouseover
• Upgraded to latest version of Outside-In libraries
• Updated Data Source options to indicate the global nature of the file whitelist
• Updated .NET requirements to version 4.5.1
• Upgraded to latest version of grid libraries
• Enhanced functionality of new bootstrapper – including better support for installing to custom paths, per-user vs per-machine installations
• Enhanced logging around product installation
• Limited the maximum height of the Attachments header in email previews for IMAP, Outlook and Rapid Discovery sources

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that would cause the tooltip for the X1 icon in the notification tray to stick to the top left corner of the desktop
• Fixed a bug that would cause the “trailing spaces” warning to appear repeatedly when naming a Saved Search
• Box: Fixed a bug that prevented proper file name from displaying in the download and or upload dialogs
• Box: Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when editing Box options
• Rapid: Fixed a bug that would cause all content in preview pane to be highlighted
• Fixed an error that occurred when performing a per-user uninstall via the MSI
• Fixed an issue with the feature to deactivate a license upon uninstall
• Fixed a bug in which OneDrive was not enabled by default for federated saved searches (Everything > All and ..> Files and Attachments)
• Fixed a bug whereby documents zoomed in on in the Files preview pane reverted to normal when upon scrolling
• Fixed a bug in which UAC elevation broke custom installation path
• Fixed onscreen position of bootstrapper GUI
• Fixed an issue that caused Outlook email preview to fail on occasion

Many thanks to all of our beta testers, and please keep the feedback coming. You can submit feedback either here in the forums or click the ‘Send feedback’ button within the product. Thanks again to everyone for participating in the X1 beta. Your suggestions and questions have contributed significantly to this release. We look forward to great feedback and the GA release.


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