How can I get X1 to search for percentages? (e.g. "42%" )

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How can I get X1 to search for percentages? (e.g. "42%" )

Postby shiphen » Mon Oct 12, 2020 1:14 pm


How do I search for a percentage?

My problem is that X1 Search seems to ignore the "%" character.
e.g. If I want to find all emails that contain the word "John Smith" and "42%", if I enter this search string in the field at the top of X1 (including the double quotes):
"John Smith" "42%"
Results: I will see all listings with "John Smith" in them that were send things sent at 09:42...
plus anything with $1142.01

How can I get X1 to do a search that also includes the "%" character?!


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