Full Folder Path for Outlook Emails: Part Deux

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Full Folder Path for Outlook Emails: Part Deux

Postby Jeffrey Levine » Sun May 22, 2016 3:49 pm

I posted on this issue a number of years ago. I recently upgraded X1 to v. 8.4.1, and more recently have downgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Currently moving my .pst files from old computer to new one. I'm happy to report that the problem with indexing of Outlook emails has improved. However, it's still not ideal; and being an idealist, I can see additional room for further improvement.

I have somewhere on the order of 8 (or so) .pst folders open in Outlook at any given time.
In addition, I have numerous other .pst files (or eventually will have) indexed in X1.
My goal... What I want to know is exactly where a particular email is located in my X1 Search Results. Specifically, I want to know WHICH .pst file and which folder within Outlook contain the email of interest. (The same request applies to Calendar & Contact items.)

Previously, X1 could indicate that the folder was "Inbox", but you were left guess WHICH Inbox... Where? It could be any of a dozen or more "Inboxes".
The venerable Kenward suggested a workaround in this forum using different Outlook Profiles... which could be displayed in older versions of X1, but I didn't really like this, as working with multiple profiles is cumbersome as well as confusing.

In my current version of X1 (8.4.1), it's now possible to display the full Windows Path to the .pst file containing the data. This is great, and definitely an improvement... However, the .pst file names might or might not be informative, unless you have cleverly named your pst files, or have them sorted into Windows folders having informative names.
(SIDE NOTE: I WISH the column (displaying the file name and path) could be right justified, so it could just display only the actual file name of the .pst file. The rest of the path takes up a lot of useless space. I can expand and shrink the column... but it's not elegant. Even at 1920 x 1080, screen real estate is precious in X1 Search window)

In addition there are two options [that I'm aware of] for displaying the location of the email within the .pst file itself: "Folder Path" and "Folder".
"Folder" is what we had before... only the folder name... e.g. "Inbox" "Sent Mail", etc., which might (and probably do) occur in multiple .pst files. The Folder Path MIGHT be helpful, but it's not. It provides the names of parent folders up to but not including, the name of the "Root Folder"... the highest level folder name in the folder list. This name can be set in the "Properties" window... or, if it's the name of an active email account, it can be set in the "Advanced [Properties]" window. You can name the root folder anything you want... and this name can potentially be informative and helpful. Unfortunately, IT DOESN'T APPEAR IN THE "FOLDER PATH" IN X1. :? :? :( :( :cry: :cry:

The same limitation applies to "Calendar" and "Contact" items... and if you have multiple calendars, it's frustrating.

If I'm missing something, please let me know. Otherwise--and as much as I hate to "look a gift horse in the mouth" (in regards to the improvements already made, which are much appreciated)--I'd be inclined to put this BACK on the "wishlist".

Jeffrey Levine, Richardson, TX, USA
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