Nothing is showing up in my views

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Nothing is showing up in my views

Postby cjpeltz » Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:02 pm

Some strange things have happened since I uninstalled and reinstalled X1 8.4,1.

While I see that over 500,000 items have been indexed, I keep getting "No Results" when I try to view "All Email" or "All Files". When I look at "All", I only see about 4000 items and they are mostly contacts, so I have no idea what might be happening.

Now the very odd thing is that when I exit X1 and start it up again, then my view, e.g., of emails, starts to fill in with all of my emails. It says it's indexing Outlook and then in about one minute, everything disappears from the view.

Has anyone ever experienced this problem and/or know what the issue might possibly be?

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Re: Nothing is showing up in my views

Postby WillieBee1993 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:49 pm

I am getting inconsistent results. For example, earlier today I searched for a document named 'twitter', and did not get a result even though the document exists. It resides in a directory containing hundreds of files, but X1 only had indexed about 15 of them. Now, later today, X1 seems to have all of the documents indexed. I am losing confidence in X1. Tech Support has not gotten back to me about another problem: SEARCH CANCELLED.....
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