X1 Alternatives?

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X1 Alternatives?

Postby mdlynam » Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:54 am

I'm loyal to X1 for my search, but hey, sometimes I like to look.... :shock:

That reminds me... does anyone remember EnFish?

Has anyone tried the new Copernic Desktop Search? I've installed and allowed it to index some files-- some of the dropdown menus are nice, but nothing's present in their newest version that's compelling enough to consider switching.

I also use dtSearch when I need to do deep searches--- I like the stemming and ability to use a thesaurus to include similiar search terms. The interface? Meh.

It would be pretty cool if X1 could import something like WordNet and make use of synonyms when searching (as an option).

I've tried AKIN HyperSearch, but the interface still needs work.

What other search software has impressed you? Do you use alternatives to X1?
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