Why is it that X1 keeps on listing non-exiting mails? cont'd

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Why is it that X1 keeps on listing non-exiting mails? cont'd

Postby mrwul » Mon May 08, 2017 9:37 pm

Question: Why is it that X1 keeps on listing non-exiting mails?

When searching for specific mails, X1 finds them in the real location, which obviously is okay.
However, it also keeps on displaying where they were -before- they were moved to this real (new) location, i.e. the old folder.

Of course, the preview says 'Outlook preview is not available', but they are still listed though.

I have re-indexed half a dozen times.
In fact, I removed the entire .pst from the list of PST-files that X1 should index.
I have even closed that .pst from within Outlook.

So, the .pst is not open and it is not in X1 Settings->Sources->Outlook Email Options.
Regretfully this all did not help.

Probably, I may need to delete the entire index and let X1 index from scratch, but that is just a workaround and not the answer on my initial question.



1. I have deleted all indexes and let X1 rebuild the indexes. Still non existing mails show up.

2. I again deleted the index files (click on the 'gear' in 'Configured Data Sources' - then on [Delete Index])
after all have been 'deleted?' and closing/restarting X1 the folder containing the index files (.dat) was still filled - about 250mb of .dat files.
So, I suppose 'delete' is not entirely delete then..?
Therefore I manually deleted the entire contents of the folder that contents the indexes. All was deleted, except log (access violation)
I am now having X1 rebuild the index again, let's see.


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Re: Why is it that X1 keeps on listing non-exiting mails? co

Postby Vidyarthi » Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:08 am

You posted your question on May 8, so likely you have an answer by now.

That kind of thing seemed to exist in my indexes too for a while so I did the same thing you did plus maybe an extra step.

Deleted the indexes, then in addition removed all indexing from open pst files and folders used in Outlook. Then also removed all PST files that were linked to X1, getting back to a clean slate.

Then after restarting everything added all PST files to X1, intentionally did NOT select any folders in OL2016 for indexing. Everything is done by selecting PST files, none of the OST files.

Seems to work fine now - a week has passed since doing all that.
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