How to index an external USB Hard Disk

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How to index an external USB Hard Disk

Postby cplini » Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:59 pm

I am new to this forum community, and possibly my question is something already addressed, but I could not find any relevant post by searching the forum, so let me ask it.
I use to store many files in an external USD drive, which are then delete from my PC drive to save space.
I would like to be able to maintain an index, in X1, of the directories and files that are on the USB drive, so that when I do a search I can see both matches in the current PC hard disk and in the external USB disk.
Needless to say that the USB disk is usually not mounted, so what I need is that X1 scans it once (when it is mounted) and then keep the index forever... even when I dismount the external drive.
What I need to accomplish, in the end, is that X1 returns the results of a search also from the "saved external drive index", so that I in case of need I can mount it and access the real file.
Is it possible?
I am not sure the "ad external drive" in the datasources panel works if I unplug the drive afterwards...

Thanks a lot for your attention,
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