How to handle periodic PST archiving in Outlook

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How to handle periodic PST archiving in Outlook

Postby wjlost » Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:28 am

I have Exchange email (connecting to Office365), and about 30 different PST's of archived emails (I archive once a quarter, in order to keep my main OST file to under 2GB).
I'm not sure how to handle X1 when I archive emails in outlook (once every few weeks) - I usually archive to the default Archive PST file, and then move all of the newly-archived mails to the relevant quarterly PST file (like archive-Q3-2018). Whenever I do that - my current OST file changes significantly (many messages are removed), and the quarterly PST file changes significantly (that's where all of those messages end up).
Does X1 automatically figure that out and re-index the OST and PST files accordingly?
If not - should I de-select the PST file, and re-select it, in order to re-scan it?
Or should I re-index everything from scratch?
Whenever I try to re-index from scratch - it's a nightmare, because I have about 60 GB of PST files, it takes a very long time, and sometimes does not complete.

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