Prioritize results on relevancy when searching mulitple term

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Prioritize results on relevancy when searching mulitple term

Postby Blairski » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:16 am


I am doing a search for multiple terms. I'd like to see on the results where I have more than one hit on a result. I know the colored highlights shows this to some degree. But is all over the map if I have a list of 1,000+ items.

Is there a way to sort the results list to have the hits with the most search terms at the top of the list?


Can I only return results when there are >=2 results in the search.

(my multiple search term list is greater than 200 items. I want to know if my emails have at least two of these terms in an email, attachment etc.
would the 39 character string maximum that I found in the document be in effect if each of my 200 exclusive search terms (using " before and after each word) is less than 39 characters?)

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