SOLUTION:Missing drives, missing partitions, lost partitions

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SOLUTION:Missing drives, missing partitions, lost partitions

Postby ALM4 » Sun May 03, 2020 7:16 am


Also had problems with drives and partitions not being recognized. My Win10, X1 v8.6.2 system has 4 internal drives, 4 external USB drives and lots of partitions C:\ -->V:\.

X1 Files Options menu was ignoring N:\ O:\ and T:\ partitions even though it picked up on other partitions contained on the same physical internal drive.

My solution was to manually insert the missing drive information in FILESCONFIG.XML after making a backup copy of course.

<root path="N:\" name="T7-N (N:\)" whatToScan="WhiteListContent" type="FIXED_DRIVE" />
<root path="O:\" name="SSD2 Storage (O:\)" whatToScan="WhiteListContent" type="FIXED_DRIVE" />
<root path="T:\" name="SSD2-T (T:\)" whatToScan="WhiteListContent" type="FIXED_DRIVE" />

<root path="V:\" name="Backups (V:\)" whatToScan="AttributesOnly" type="FIXED_DRIVE" />

FILESCONFIG.XML is found in the same directory as your X1 indexes - which curiously X1 will not let you search for.

I am posting this because I spent many hours in the last year searching for a solution and only a oblique reference to FILESCONFIG.XML put me on the track.

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