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X1 Search 8.2 Public Beta is LIVE! - Build 5001cn

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:10 pm
by Jerald Metz
Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the availability of the public beta for X1 Search 8.2.

Highlights in version 8.2 include Windows 8 inspired interface updates, several Outlook and IMAP connectivity improvements, and several core index stability improvements.

You can install this beta with the following installer:

If you are running a version prior to 8.X, we recommend uninstalling your older X1 Search client before installing this beta.

Release Notes

    * New interface look and feel inspired by Windows 8
    * Improved stability with Outlook connectivity
    * X1 Search will now install in the same bitness as Windows, enabling 64-bit X1 to interact with either 32-bit or 64-bit Outlook
    * Various index stability fixes
    * Improved IMAP performance
    * Added option to disable storing of IMAP attachments locally – Note: Disabling this option will improve IMAP scanning but will noticeably slow IMAP attachment preview
    * Added ability to include Beta releases in update checks – Available in General Options
    * Fixed issue that prevented file links from opening properly in email preview
    * Removed Tile Mode option
    * Fixed an issue that prevented attachments in Outlook Contacts from being previewed
    * Added "Get all" option for X1 Rapid searches

We've put a lot of our effort in this version to improving stability and tackling some of the more common issues reported by users, such as Outlook issues and "Connection with the X1 Service has been lost" errors.

Additional comments on new user interface

There are two notable visual changes to the interface in Search 8.2:

1. Menu location

With the updated interface design we have moved the main menu to the right-hand side of the title bar. Users of modern software, such as Chrome, will find this familiar. Here's a screenshot:


2. Status bar color

We have added coloring to the status bar to indicate overall index status at a glance. The colors and their meanings are:

Orange - This indicated that at least one Data Source is still performing an initial scan.
Blue - This indicates that at least one Data Source is performing an incremental scan or is paused.
Green - This indicates that all Data Sources have completed their scans. The index is up-to-date.



As always, this is beta software. While we put our alpha builds through rigorous testing, bugs can and will happen, so please be prepared for unexpected behavior.

Please post any issues or thoughts on this version here to the forums. You can also use the "Send feedback" button within the X1 Search client to email us.

Finally, this version will expire on 4/1. Upon expiration you will need to install the final release build for 8.2.

Thanks for your support and continued participation in our beta program!