X1 email only indexing new Outlook email

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X1 email only indexing new Outlook email

Postby mbpilot » Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:27 am

Any suggestions for the following situation with OUtlook email (exchange server - so this is an OST file) not indexing.
New computer (win 7, 64 bit). Outlook 2010. X1 latest version. I have about 1G or so of email. Have previously had it running fine; but corporate reimaged computer and I have reinstalled; then the fun started.

X1 goes and indexes and has no email? Much checking and puzzlement; then suddenly a few emails. Soon I realize, it is successfully indexing email received post the install. Then I discovered if I open a legacy email; it instantly is indexed and shows up in search.

So, I can conclude basic configuration is OK as it is indexing some email. Any ideas of how to fix this? I don't think it is practical to open every legacy email :-)
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