Connect to same index from two installs / OS - fools rush in

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Connect to same index from two installs / OS - fools rush in

Postby therev » Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:25 am


First, I realise that I'm stretching things here.

And second, that it can all go wrong.

Caveats understood, I'm hoping that someone equally foolhardy can advise me on the following!

1. My laptop has three partitions - C (Windows 8.1), D (Windows 10 preview - which I'm playing with) and F (my files - ie my data partition).

2. X1 is installed on C. All indexed data and all indexes are on F. Running v8.2.3 beta at the moment (but the point should be general).

3. I have installed X1 on D as well but not yet run it because I'm not sure I can achieve what I want.

4. Ideally, the X1 installation on D will point to the same index files as the X1 installation on C (and index the same data - which is all on F).

5. How to do this? Do I need to copy registry entries from the X1 install on C across to D? If so which ones? Or is it simpler; I just set up exactly the same search locations on the two installs, set the same folder as the index location, and it sorts its life out for me? Or do I just do the indexing from within Windows 8.1 and have it being effectively read-only within the Windows 10 install?

I realise that this specific example is unusual, but actually you can also imagine a small office with a network drive where everyone's data is saved, and a single X1 index held on that server ... with each user accessing that same index. (Which is I presume on the journey between the standard X1 search and enterprisey versions).

Thanks for any thoughts!
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