Looking to search by tags for photos

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Looking to search by tags for photos

Postby ceph » Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:18 am

In my neverending quest for a unified PC search tool, I was hoping I could search my photo collection by their embedded tags. I have a mix of jpg, tif, and dng photos, all tagged with the tags embedded in each file type (no 'sidecar' xml files). Windows Search (8.1) appears to find most tags for jpg and tif files but not dng (Lightroom-style) files. In the Search box I merely type "tags:Yosemite" and they appear. But I see no ability in X1 Search 8. There is a tags column, but entering a term like "Yosemite" there finds no matches. Am I missing a feature, or is X1 missing the feature? While I can search just photos in Lightroom, it would be very nice to have a unified search by X1 of photos and other file types. Ironic to me that the free Windows 8 search appears to do a better job. If not a feature of X1, are there plans to include it in the near future? Lots of media is getting tags these days, to search only by file and folder name is becoming more limited all the time. :?:
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