X1 crashes when it wants credentials

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X1 crashes when it wants credentials

Postby Kenward » Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:35 am

X1 won't start.

All the services seem to be running in Task Manager. But nothing comes up.

If I kill everything, and try to start again, it pops up a demand for me to fill in credentials for box.com. I have two accounts there, if I fill in the wrong one, X1 complains and goes off in a sulk. Again, nothing comes into view.

Start it again and fill in the other details, this time it does not complain but it still refuses to come into view.

It is sitting there in Task Manager using ~30% of the cpu, but showing nothing.

X1 seems to be unforgiving if the credentials are not recognised. Instead of giving up completely, it should open without the index for the "broken" service.

It should also be more helpful when it asks for the credentials of services that it has forgotten.

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