Problem Copying and Pasting the search results

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Problem Copying and Pasting the search results

Postby Simon C » Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:57 am

I've been using the X1 Professional Client for some years now and am currently evaluating Search 8 (version 8.4.1 it says) to see whether it's worth upgrading. It isn't looking good.

One of my workflows, for want of a better word, involves copying some search results from X1 and pasting them into another application. With X1 Professional Client I've not experienced a problem.

With Search 8 I can copy the results, with apparently no issue, but when I come to paste them, the top line contains a heading (that's fine), the next 100 lines (if there are at least that many results) contain the file names and so forth. But if there are more than 100 lines in the result, the remaining results just turn up as blank lines on the clipboard. Yep, blank lines. If you haven't got all the info then put up a message for heaven's sake or go and get the info. But blank lines, really? That's pathetic. They're only blank because I've only got one column in my results display. If I add others and then copy and paste the missing lines just contain commas instead.

With a bit of experimentation, it seems that this is because Search 8 loads the results in stages and the only way I've so far found to resolve this is to manually scroll down all the results before copying and pasting.

Is there a way for me to prevent this from happening, and force all the results to be generated up front, so I don't have to fanny about scrolling through the results before such a basic operation as copy and paste.

I notice that when Search 8 was first released it didn't include the option to export the results. I know you've fixed that now, but you really don't want us to use the search results outside of X1, do you?
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