8.5 6001qm (64-bit) high int rate causes issues

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8.5 6001qm (64-bit) high int rate causes issues

Postby jussi_x1 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:37 pm


on Windows 10 64-bit system with dual xeon e5 v4 cpus X1 search
constantly throws interrupts even when search window is not visible.

This causes Win scheduler to keep CPU cores busy and prevents
efficient turbo-boosting. Measuring single-thread performance with
CPU-Z gives 1715 without X1 services started and 1540 with X1 services
started. It also causes significant power drain as cores do not remain
in low-power mode.

X1 service is configured to hold indexing when computer is being used,
but it does not affect the behavior.

Could you please fix it? :)

Juhani Suhonen
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