new Outlook 365 Exchange- mailbox has been temporarily moved

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new Outlook 365 Exchange- mailbox has been temporarily moved

Postby X1adopter » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:56 am

Ever since the switch over to Outlook 365 (on Exchange) at our work, my X1 fails to index anything new (or even preview) after some minutes/hours of being open. Here's how it happens. First I see this error message when I open Outlook 2016, right away; and at other times when it is just my X1 8.5.2 6001si (64-bit) open, though it does not seem to pop up there right when I open X1:

<IN TITLE BAR: Microsoft Exchange>
" Your mailbox has been temporarily moved on Microsoft Exchange server. A temporary mailbox exists, but might not have all of your previous data.
You can connect to the temporary mailbox or work offline all of your old data. I you choose to work with your previous data.
//Use Temporary Mailbox// /Use Old Data/ /Cancel/ "

IT has directed me to keep clicking Use Temporary Mailbox button. This only pops the same message back up right away. Happens several times, possibly to equal the number of accounts (Windows 10? Outlook? I don't know) or PST files that I have based on what I read elsewhere. Lots of data that I search regularly from PSTs/Outlook here: about 40GB. Whether you click out of this message or not this way, some sort of indexing feature seems to time out, distort the message and at that point X1 stops being able to index (with a solid internet connection, wifi or LAN):

cb 66 a4 ba 72 04 12 44 95 45 d7 48 c9 e0 99 1f>

and/or, a bit later:

<IN TITLE BAR: Microsoft Outlook>
" The time limit for logging on was reached while waiting for system resources. Try again.
MAPI 1.0 [000004C2]
//OK// "

Has anyone been experiencing anything similar? Please help.
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