Unexpected Files Indexed (8.6 6003ch (64-bit))

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Unexpected Files Indexed (8.6 6003ch (64-bit))

Postby Simon C » Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:29 am

I have a set of folders which I am trying to index. I have these all set to index "File names, sizes and content only from specified extensions (specify below)" and I have ticked a number of file extensions as well as adding one custom extension into the "Additionally index all files with these extensions" box.

The files which I want to be included in the index are correctly included, but so are a load of others which I neither want to be indexed, nor have asked to be indexed. This should not be happening.

The thing all these files seem to have in common is that either (a) their names do not have any file extension or (b) their names consist of a file extension and nothing else. These files have all been created by some other software and I have absolutely no control over the naming of these files, nor can I alter their location (beyond moving everything including the files that I wish to index somewhere else, which I can't see would help).

Why is my index being bloated by these additional files?
Simon C
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