X1 taking 30-40 seconds to produce search result

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X1 taking 30-40 seconds to produce search result

Postby tallrandyb » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:22 am

new installation on 64-bit Win10 PC after moving from old win7 box, indexing has mostly completed (over 600K files/emails/etc indexed). When entering search strings it is taking over 30 seconds for results to start to show up in the Preview page; appears it is ignoring the search input then 30 seconds or so later, boom results finally show up. Task Manager shows 8 processes under X1 Search: 3 Console Window Hosts, 1 Print driver host, 2 X1 Search processes, 2 X1 Search (32-bit) processes. only ones showing any regular CPU use is one each of the X1 Search processes (1 regular, 1 32-bit), sometimes second regular kicks in too. Memory usage is around 350M each for regulars, 70-110M for 32-bit processes.

X1 Search 8.6.1 6003fa (64-bit), 7 plugins loaded.

Any ideas?
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