RTI Addin No Longer Updates Email Status in Outlook

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RTI Addin No Longer Updates Email Status in Outlook

Postby borsheck » Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:42 am

As of the most recent MS O365 Update - 64-bit (04/16/2020) - Version 2004 (Build 12730.20150). X1 Search 8 (8.6.2 6009blb-b64-bit) No Longer Performs Bi-Directional Email Status Changes when Emails are Read in X1.

These are the actions I've Taken so Far:

1. Deleted and Rebuilt the X1 Email Index
2. Made sure that the X1 Email Indexing Schedule was set for a specific time to NOT conflict the the RTI Addin. Ironically, I had the scheduling occurring on a 3 min cycle with no issues prior to the O365 Update.
3. Removed and Re-Added the X1OutlookRTIAddin64.dll to Outlook, but still the same issue.

The current behavior is:

1. New Outlook Email Arrival - Outlook and X1 are Updated in Real-time. So, Email Indexing is Occurring.
2. When Viewing (Reading) the Email from X1, the Email Status changes from Unread (1) to Read (0), but Outlook is NOT updated to the Email Status Change that Occurred in X1.
3. When Viewing (Reading) the Email from Outlook, the Email Status from Unread to Read is Changed in BOTH Outlook and X1.

Honestly, I own two copies of X1 Search 8, and prefer to use X1 as my main interface, since I get 1,000's of emails and files each day and need a high performance tool to sort through the swamp of overwhelming data that I receive and need to act on.

I look forward to any advise for form members or X1 as well.

Best Regards,

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Re: RTI Addin No Longer Updates Email Status in Outlook

Postby Jogy » Mon Apr 27, 2020 11:58 am


when an email is marked as "read" in X1, it should immediately send the change to Outlook. The indexing schedule and RTI settings do not play role in this.

If the email is not marked in OL correctly, then there was an error in setting it. Can you check if there are errors in the X1.log file (located in the logs subfolder in the data folder, by default C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\X1 Search)

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