Problems with X1 Search 8

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Problems with X1 Search 8

Postby cvort » Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:45 pm

Here's what I am finding does not work properly in Search Build 5003az: When Search is indexing, it interferes considerably with other running programs. I have a Windows computer with an I7 core CPU and 32 GB of RAM. To now, I have been able to run multiple CPU and memory intensive programs without a hitch: Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, InDesign and others all running at the same time with Norton Internet Security running in the background with no problem. Sometimes I have run these programs with Norton antivirus doing a scan or even Norton Ghost doing a backup with no hitch. Yet, whenever Search indexes, I can't run even one of these programs without hiccups: hesitation in opening, saving, temporary freezing, etc. Even Search itself stops running smoothly when it is indexing: it will freeze for a time (several seconds) before it runs again. In addition, I find that, when other programs are showing the above symptoms, and this prompts me to look at Search, I find that Search is alternating frequently between indexing and being up to date. This continues for a while, but if I close down Search and re-open it, it will stop this behavior and remain with the up-to-date message for quite a while until this behavior starts again. If X1 is not indexing, it does not interfere with other programs. I remember, many years ago, that X1 Client had this problem but it was finally solved after several updates. Any suggestions until that happens?
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