File Indexing Ignores Daily Schedule - Indexes Every Start

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File Indexing Ignores Daily Schedule - Indexes Every Start

Postby AGlassman » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:11 pm

X1 Search 8.4.1 Build 5003pj (64-bit)

File Indexing is set for "Daily at 21:00".
No "Real Time".

No "Start X1 when I start Windows"
No "Start X1 Indexing Service when I start Windows".
Yes "Shutdown indexing on application close".

If I leave X1 running all the time, everything works as specified. But if I Exit X1, or reboot the PC, when X1 starts again it starts a File Indexing immediately, every time. I expected it to honor the Daily setting and not index again until that specific time, even if I shutdown and restarted. Bug? I don't seem to remeber this behavior in the previous version, but I can't be sure. Or is there something I can change in my settings to avoid the File Indexing on every X1 startup?
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