New Glow Bug

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New Glow Bug

Postby Stuart73 » Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:14 am

X1 fails badly with the new version. I just updated to it, not the beta - version 8 .4.1. build 5003pj (64-bit). The frame goes black and X1 ceases to respond. It happens all the time with All selected. X1 is unusable. When it happens, X1 is trying to open a new window named glow; my browser is invoked with a frame error title, but nothing else is there - the browser frame is blank. I am on the latest version of Windows 10. My browser is Waterfox which uses the latest version of Firefox but converts Firefox to 64-bit without the issues of the beta 64-bit Firefox Developer Edition.
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Re: New Glow Bug

Postby Michael Devin » Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:10 pm

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for reaching out. In order for us to take a closer look, could you please download and run the below diagnostic tool? Do not post the results here, but rather send to

1. Download:

2. Double-click the downloaded "x1s_diagnostic_tool.exe" file to run (Win7/Win8 users with UAC turned on should right-click the file and select Run as administrator)

3. A Windows Explorer window will open when the tool has finished (this may take a minute).

4. Inside the x1supportfiles directory, send the ZIP file


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