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Edit Data Source Enhancement

Postby jkoconnell » Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:05 pm

I am a longtime X1 user and depend on it for searching 20+ years of files and emails.

Enhancement #1

I have archived all my old PC's and external drives to multiple NAS devices with different shared folders for each archived device.
In the X1 'Manage Data Sources/Files/File Options' selection menu, it would be very helpful if all network paths were sorted.
Every time I add a new shared folder on the NAS, I have to compare the unsorted list of network paths in the 'File Options' list to the shares on multiple NAS devices to make sure that X1 is indexing all of the shares on the NAS devices.
Even better, organize and list all shared folders under the NAS server name and show if selected or not.
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