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File open order

Postby Simon C » Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:34 am

I'm sure you did it a while ago, but as I've only recently upgraded... I'm very pleased to see the return of Ctrl-O as a shortcut for opening files. So why spoil it by opening those files in a fixed (and to me generally unhelpful) order?

It seems that if I have a number of files selected in the results pane, when I get X1 to open the files it does so by first sorting the selection in normal alphanumeric order, including the path name which might not even be on view, and then opening them in that sequence. As a result, if I'm lucky, I end up with the first of them buried at the bottom and the last of them prominent at the top.

If the file names normally sort chronologically, I can think of many more instances where I would want to be presented with these in normal sequential order rather than in reverse order. If the file names make sense alphabetically, I can think of no instance where I'd want them to be presented in reverse alphabetical order.

This unhelpful behaviour might make sense if the File Open operation at least acknowledged the sequence in which the results in the results pane were presented and opened the files in that sequence. But it doesn't, it completely ignores it.

The most obvious behaviour, it would seem to me, is that when I ask X1 to open the files, it does so in the reverse of the results pane sort sequence, so that once it's done the files are presented to me in the same top-down order as they are listed in the results pane. There is certainly no justification for completely ignoring the order in which the results pane is sorted. That would suggest you think you know better than me the order I want my information presented in. Trust me, you don't.

And one other thing, I realise that it makes sense to put a limit on the number of files that can be opened without prompting to make sure, but it would be nice to be able to open the twelve monthly files from a year without being asked if I'm sure, particularly as your customised message box currently seems to have a bug in it (which I've reported elsewhere).
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