Do not display documents/emails before searching

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Do not display documents/emails before searching

Postby csalsa » Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:06 pm

When I start X1, it takes time to load before it shows on the screen. Then it starts indexing. During this time some random document/email is shown for all to see.

This can be annoying, and sometimes confidential content is shown, in an open or public area. More so where I have moved away from my screen for a short time after starting X1 and when I come back X1 is displaying some random document/email for all to see.

What I want, is for X1 not to show in the view pane any document/email until I have started using it. That is started searching. Then to go back to blank page when I use "Clear All" or when all search fields are empty.

There is an option for X1 to start minimized. But this is only an selectable where X1 starts with Windows and it still does not meet my needs.
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