X1 Search 8.5 Release - Build 6001qm

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X1 Search 8.5 Release - Build 6001qm

Postby Michael Devin » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:23 pm

Hi all,

After a lot of work, some time, and most importantly your feedback, we are excited to announce the GA release of X1 Search 8.5!

The download information and release notes are below, including a list of the frequently requested hotkey commands.

I would first like to take a moment to thank the entire forum community for your dedicated feedback throughout the beta, as well as your patience towards our occasionally delayed response times. Our development team, and X1 as an organization, spent a great deal of time in 2016 developing X1 Distributed Discovery, which you can read more about here: http://www.x1.com/products/x1_distributed_discovery/.

As we do not have a massive team, the project without question impacted not only our ability to directly advance X1 Search at the pace we are accustomed, but also hindered our ability to support our forums at the standard we aspire to.

X1 Distributed Discovery revolutionizes how organizations search, identify and collect documents at the desktop level across numerous endpoints with industry-leading speed, empowering legal and IT teams to generate and actually adjust keyterms in real-time, before collection. Most importantly to this forum, the release of Distributed Discovery is built around X1 Search as the foundational piece.

Thus, a significant amount of the improvements made to the desktop on behalf of the Distributed Discovery effort have already and will continue to find their way into X1 Search. This includes a lot of the speed and stability improvements that you will see in X1 Search 8.5. Some additional functionality, including the potential for enhanced Google data connectors, will roll out throughout 2017.

We are extremely excited about X1 Distributed Discovery, as well as eager to continue improving the core X1 Search product you rely upon every day. Also, we made some organizational changes to ensure more active participation in these forums, in order to capitalize on your dedicated support and forum contributions.

Thanks again for your continued support, and please keep the feedback coming! Now, on to X1 Search 8.5…

You can upgrade via Menu>Help>Check for Updates, or you can download with the below links. There are a few links available below depending on what you prefer to install. The new MSI will help users only download the code from X1 one time if they are going to install it on more than one computer. It will also enable Enterprise IT administrators to use their standard MSI deployment tools.

Bootstrapper: http://download.x1.com/downloads/search/X1SearchSetup.exe
64-bit MSI:http://download.x1.com/downloads/search/6001qm/X1Search.msi
32-bit MSI: http://download.x1.com/downloads/search/6001qm/X1Search32.msi

Search 8.5 Release Notes

New features included in Search 8.5:

• Major updates to the UI, including a flyout main menu, redesigned "Settings" and "Help" menus
• Added the ability to index Microsoft's OneDrive using MSGraph
• Dramatically improved indexing speeds while indexing large files
• Added the ability to index offline content from Outlook 2013/2016 folders that are partially cached
• Improved the Outlook scanner's stability when entering sleep or hibernation states
• Support for high-definition 4k monitors, including compatible icons
• Added the ability to disable "Fast-as-you-type" searching and add a traditional "Search" button
• New hotkeys for common UI tasks (Try ALT+D to focus on the main Search box!)
• Added the ability for users to configure hotkeys to select saved searches
• Users are now able to configure the max document size to be indexed in the "File" options dialog.
• Added a GPO to ignore PST warnings when they're not available (i.e. on offline network shares)
• Added a GPO to automatically select MS Exchange online archive for indexing


• Fixed a conflict with a recent Windows Update that provoked a crash
• Addressed a bug that affected the preview zoom settings of users with high definition monitors
• Fixed a crash in the X1 index engine when updating index items
• Fixed a bug that prevented the launch of X1 Search on a non-English OS
• Main window now allowed to become half-screen when the preview is on the bottom, or turned off
• Items with too long of a file path are now ignored instead of prompting an error upon indexing
• Fixed a crash in the X1 indexing engine when ingesting large XLS files
• Fixed a bug that caused a tag interface to display when it should not
• Fixed a problem with opening IMAP attachments and added "Download Attachment" Post-Search Action
• Addressed an issue that caused the battery power message to become stale
• Adjusted the timeout when searching against a Rapid server
• Ensured proper sort order is executed against Rapid server
• Minor text and UI fixes

X1 Search hotkeys listed below:

• Alt+D to focus to the main search box
• Ctrl+Alt+O - Options dialog
• Ctrl+Alt+D - Data Sources dialog
• Ctrl+Alt+A - About dialog
• Ctrl+Alt+H - Online help
• Ctrl+Alt+R - Set preview right
• Ctrl+Alt+B - Set preview bottom
• Ctrl+Alt+F - Set preview off

Also, the searches in the navigation tree/favorites bar will have configurable shortcuts, with the defaults being set as:

• Email: Ctrl+Shift+E
• Inbox: Ctrl+Shift+I
• Sent Items: Ctrl+Shift+S
• Attachments: Ctrl+Shift+T
• Files: Ctrl+Shift+F
• Documents: Ctrl+Shift+D
• Pictures: Ctrl+Shift+P
• Music: Ctrl+Shift+M
• Calendar: Ctrl+Shift+Q
• Tasks: Ctrl+Shift+K
• Contacts: Ctrl+Shift+C
• All: Ctrl+Shift+A
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