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X1 Search 8.3 GA Release - Build 5001lw

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:37 pm
by Jerald Metz

We are happy to announce the public release for X1 Search 8.3!

X1 Search 8.3 includes significant new features for SharePoint, including the ability to directly search subsites, document version support, and new post-search actions. We have also added new UI features, including the ability to change font size for search results, new zoom controls for email preview, the ability to reset columns to default, and more.

Release notes are provided below.

If you haven't yet received a notice to upgrade, you can do so by accessing Help > Check for Updates.

You can also download the GA build here:

Note: If you continue to experience an issue after upgrading to the GA build, please consider opening a support ticket here:

Thank you all for your continued support and feedback here in the forums and through Customer Support!

Release Notes (GA Build 5001lw):

New Features and Enhancements

    * SharePoint: Added ability to create Saved Searches for subsites when adding a site
    * SharePoint: Added version tab for document preview
    * SharePoint: Added List View tab for Lists
    * SharePoint: Added 'Copy To' PSA
    * SharePoint: Added 'View In Library' PSA
    * SharePoint: Added 'Send By Email' PSA that allows sending as an attachment or a link
    * SharePoint: Added ability to initiate a blank search on subsites
    * Added new messaging for Brokered Searches (Rapid Discovery, SharePoint)
    * Various Brokered Search UI improvements (Rapid Discovery, SharePoint)
    * Updated Read/Unread email icon for Outlook and IMAP
    * Added option to change font size for results
    * Added zoom control for email preview
    * Added 'Email and Attachments' federated search
    * Changed 'Files' federated search to 'Files and Attachments'
    * Moved option to search within attachments to Saved Search Pane for Outlook Email searches
    * Removed default 'Music' search for new installs
    * Added color indicator when any terms are entered into refinement columns
    * Various UI improvements

Bug Fixes

    * Fixed bug that would cause "No Results" message to appear during Brokered Searches (Rapid Discovery, SharePoint)
    * Fixed an issue preventing proper highlighting for SharePoint phrase searches
    * Fixed a crash when user mailbox has thousands of folders
    * Fixed an issue that could lead to X1 services taking too long to shut down
    * Various additional bug fixes