Index and settings backup

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Index and settings backup

Postby mrwul » Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:32 am

Up front: I know above subject has been discussed over and over.

Is there no way to introduce a kind new feature offering users to 'export' all settings, including registry, etc. to a backup-file.

Optionally, even the indexfiles...

There are quite some other applications offering such a feature, even MS Office does (exporting settings).

Upon a fresh install, users to import those settings/indexfiles, X1 to relaunch after import (needcase pc to be rebooted)
and everything is back to the previous situation.

Of course they need to start indexing again so to catch up and have the latest mails and files also be indexed.

Sure, it may be difficult and maybe only workable as long as the hardware and driveletters donot change and sure,
developers will come up with a thousand 'cons', but the big question is: is it definitely not possible?

Reason for asking this (again) is that one way or the other my index-files got damaged (due to a power outage) and I have
noticed that from some point on, files were not displayed in the preview, though X1 stated that they were indexed.

Eventually I decided to clear the index-files and have all index from scratch, taking a long time (likely whole day),
which might have been avoided if a backup-set would have been available.

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How does indexing work

Postby bk3 » Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:56 am

I aggree to your suggestion. But in continuence of this I have observed that I from time to time gets "out of sync" between my files oand the index. I had hoped that all I had to do was to tell X1 to sync up, but apparently the only thing I can do is to ask for a total rebuild?

I have tried to read the manual, but I still do not get it. Precisely how is X1 supposed to keep itself up to date when the computer - for a period of time - has been used without X1 being active. Or is this simply not possible in the current version?

With the emails, it appears to work well, but with files it seems to fail sometimes. I might add that my indexing includes local and network disks.
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Postby Kenward » Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:24 am

I have always thought that X1 updates the index when it determines some sort of threshold of changes.

Maybe it depends on whether you have real time indexing turned on.

Have you investigated what happens if you follow the instructions in the Help file for "Update the index manually"?

I have never put much credence on the "% complete" bit of the indexing status. This seems to refer to what is happening now rather than to the full index status.

In other words, when it says "6.55% complete" it means that it has done that much of the current update rather than that much of the full indexing. This seems to tie in with the speed with which this number increases when X1 is updating rather than working from scratch.

On the Help file, this needs some serious attention. Has it been changed at all in recent years?

For example, the page "Change the location of the index file" does not tell us if this wipes the index and restarts, or if X1 moves the index to the new location and picks up from there. This is an important bit of information.
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Postby mrwul » Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:10 am

Hello again,

The point I am making is that X1 has no backup function, in a way that after restoring users are completely back to where they were.

I'd like to take my situation as an example.

Windows as usual on C:
Application and X1-index files on a different partition.
(In fact, the X1 index-files are stored in a password protected container file, as X1 still does not offer a password protected search and AFAIK there are no plans to introduce this)

After a fresh install of Windows, X1 to be re-installed.

By default immediately after the setup X1 starts of indexing.
(I always need to cancel this)

During the setup X1 should offer an option like :
[_] Start indexing after setup
(Note: do NOT tag if you wish to run the restore!)

Then after the setup, X1 should prompt for the restore.
Note: users may wish to do the restore later and decide to click on Cancel, or do restore later, whatever, but the next time X1 is launched, it should again ask to do the restore.

When the restore is executed, everything is 're-instated' to the previous situation. Registry settings, paths, indexfile location, everything.
As said, users may even wish to include the index files in the backup, requiring a lot of space but may be saver.
Restoring may take a while, but re-indexing everything from scratch takes a whole lot longer.

After the restore, X1 to offer to catch up with the latest situation.

Now, all this is based on the preconditions that all data locations remained the same, e.g. only after fresh install of Windows on the same pc, so no change of driveletters.

Maybe later, as it would be asking too much at the same time...
it would even be made possible to have the "restore" ask users where they wish to store the index-data files.
(e.g. old situation: X1 program files located on F:, index files on F:, new situation: X1 installed on G: users wish to have the index files also on G:

Normally the restore will put back the index files on F:,
but this new option would allow index files to be restored on another partition. Only possible in case of a backup of all the index files as well.., i.e. not just the program settings)

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