Continuing the saga of design issues

X1 Professional Client 6.5 (Beta)

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Continuing the saga of design issues

Postby Kenward » Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:49 am

I raised before the clunky way in which the new interface handles renaming of new folders. The new "RC" is no improvement. Add a new folder and you have to jump through hoops to rename it.

The usual style is that a new folder is automatically available for renaming. I should be able to type in a new name.

No chance. I cannot even use the other standard approach, click the folder name and enter rename mode. I have to use F2 or "Right click<->Rename"

I also find that I cannot drag a saved search and add it to the bottom of an existing set in a folder. I have to put it somewhere else and then rearrange entries within the folder.

I am beginning to see why people object to "dotNet" and why some companies avoid it completely.
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