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Good news about X1 6.6

Postby danhotchkiss » Wed Jun 03, 2009 5:33 am

After hesitating to step up to beta and RC versions on account of posts here about troubles, I thought I owed it to my fellow users to report my own experience. As a long-time X1 user, I finally took the plunge with the released version a few days ago. Paid for a fresh license, uninstalled my old version, installed 6.6.

The experience has been smooth and positive. The installation went fine, and preserved my old settings (I have the new custom "Documents" search, complete with Office 2007 formats, alongside my modification of the old search, which I had renamed "Docs" to save space). Version 6.6 is noticeably snappier in action, subtly clearer in appearance, and compatible with my old habits. I have not yet explored the new features, but feel I have my $50's worth already.

So if you're waiting, I would encourage you to jump!

Dan Hotchkiss
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