Why difference in startup time

X1® Professional Client Version - 6.6.5 Blackbird (successor to the X1® Professional Client Version 6.6)

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Why difference in startup time

Postby bk3 » Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:31 am

First things first: Praise. This looks much nicer and is more responsive than the previous 6.6 client I have had for the past months. Nice to see improvements! They were needed.

Then my question. Running XP-pro SP3 on a T60p laptop (fastest disk and full memory configuration and only outlook implemented) it takes 5 seconds from I press the task bar X1 button until the client window appears. when I use the keyboard shortcut it takes 21 - 16 seconds. Is there a reason for this difference? Perhaps you are checking network places or similar in a different manner or?
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