saved searches stopped working

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saved searches stopped working

Postby lucsqrt1 » Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:41 pm

Since a few days, my X1 6.7.4 (on Win7 Pro SP1, 64bit) stopped supporting saved searches, or in fact retaining any values typed in the search boxes above the columns.

When opening a saved search, it just opens the search with the column organization for it, but the search boxes themselves are all empty.
When typing a text to search it does perform that search, but saving then reopening/returning to the saved search doesn't retain that text entry.

The .x1 files in the AppData\Local\X1 Desktop Search\saved searches do have the texts in the xml data. Saving a new search text does save it in the x1 files. It's just that the desktop client somehow doesn't load these texts and so doesn't actually perform the search.

A related problem is that a text value entered in one search view is not carried over when clicking on a different search while holding shift. Both problems started occurring at the same time.

I have no idea what may have changed to my installation. No new software was installed recently; most recently updated component was more than 10 days before this started happening.
I cleared index files, and performed a new installation, but the problem persists.
Other than that, all other X1 functionality appears to be working as before (luckily!).

Anyone an idea what may cause this behavior, and what I can do to restore the functionality?

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