Showing all result from a Federated search

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Showing all result from a Federated search

Postby pggsb » Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:19 pm

I want to see how many emails are hit with a search term "google", and the term can be in the email body or any of the attachments, but not in the email header (From, To, CC, Subject).

So I created a Federation with attachments and search for "content: google" in the quick search box. The search status pane shows the information as below -

Source Status Showing Total Results
Email Default Ready 1 - 100 1,602
Attachments Default Ready 1 - 100 588

So the question is - How many emails match my search criteria? I assume it is 1602, but if I search in just Emails, I got 1602 as well. and I will get 588 if I just search attachments. There gotta be some overlap in those two number where both email body and attachments contains the terms. So how do I find out what the real number is?

Another questions - The search result pane only shows 200 emails, even though there are 1602 hits on email alone. How do I see all the 1602 or 588 search hits?

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