Upgrade from 8.4.1 to 8.5 was a disaster on Win7

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Upgrade from 8.4.1 to 8.5 was a disaster on Win7

Postby hemuli0 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:37 am

Dear All,

I want to share my experience on yesterday after upgrading form X 8.4.1 to X 8.5.

History - within about month I had to reinstall and rebuild the index completety as 8.4.1 started crashing. But I got working back after full reinstall of the 8.4.1.

Yestrerday I upgraded 8.4.1 to X1 8.5 that turned out to be a complete disaster. What happened, after smooth upgrade on Win7 and Outlook 2016:

* File indexing stops/jamms at ~80% for minutes
* All the time indexing service lost message on the screen
* File indexing stops
* Some Outlook indexing happens, bot does not complete - no progress shown but stops ever minute
* E-mail preview service is lost, no preview at all
* File preview works sometimes
* X1 crashes every 15 minutes - relaunching the application does not help as some services stays active and you have to kill the processes manually
* Reboot the computer does not help
* Sometimes X1 screen locks on the screen, only CNTR-DEL-helps to get the control again

I had no choice than to go back to 8.4.1 - that is complicated. Below are the instructions from the X1 support (very long instructions - and in the end of this post my way of getting it back)

X1 instructions:
Thanks for your email.

Downgrading is not a straightforward matter of running and installer, it must be done using the command line. If you would like to stay on 8.5 we're happy to troubleshoot but we'll need to take a look at a set of log files. Here are the steps to download and run our diagnostic utility:

1. Download: http://support.x1.com/cs/x1s_diagnostic_tool.exe

2. Double-click the downloaded "x1s_diagnostic_tool.exe" file to run (Win7/Win8 users with UAC turned on should right-click the file and select Run as administrator)

3. A Windows Explorer window will open when the tool has finished (this may take a minute).

4. Inside the x1supportfiles directory, send the ZIP file

If the resulting zip file is 8 megs or smaller you should be able to attach it to an email reply to this case. If it is larger than 8 megs, here is a URL to a "drop box" location. https://inet.idealab.com/dropbox/

Follow the instructions on the screen. Once the file transfer is complete you will be provided with a unique URL that you need to email back to me. This will allow me to access the file and pull it down to my system.

If you would prefer to downgrade here are the steps:

Unfortunately downgrading not an easy matter of clicking a link. Going back to the earlier product is a lot of work as you'll have to fully uninstall your current X1 - and do not save settings. You then must reinstall X1 from the command line using the FORCEBUILD qualifier where FORCEBUILD=5003pj (edit build # accordingly)

Here is how it works:

Syntax - x1searchsetup.exe /Option PARAMETER

Assumptions - UAC is turned off for installing user

Download install program http://download.x1.com/downloads/pro/X1SearchSetup.exe
(NOTE: You'll want to make sure you know exactly where this file is stored)

Click Start > Run > CMD - and Enter.

This should open the Command Prompt Window.

Set your Default directory location to the location of the setup executable:

Prompt> CD enter\the\path\to\the\setup\file\location - enter

Once you're in the same directory of the installer file enter this command:

Prompt> X1searchsetup FORCEBUILD=5003pj

In the instructions above the build number 5001bc would return you to 8.4.1.

Let us know what you decide or if you have any questions.

My way to recover

• I went in in here viewtopic.php?f=58&t=9846&p=26000&hilit=download+msi#p26000
and I downloaded the 64-bit msi file
• I uninstalled the X5 completely with the windows Add/remove programs. I asked to remove all of my settings
• I detached my license
• Reboot
• Clean install with the file behind the link above
• Normal installation and re-build of the index over night
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Re: Upgrade from 8.4.1 to 8.5 was a disaster on Win7

Postby hemuli0 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:20 am

Dear Mr. X1 SW development,

I want to share my continuum of X1 experience of the X1 8.5.

This is very strange, on my Win10, Outlook 2016 the 8.4.1 works as before. LIke an Angel. I'm glad.

BUT in my office PC Win 7 and recent change to Outlook 360 (and slightly before that), incredible problems I have descrived above. THe workaround I found, going back to 8.4.1 worked a week or two, but after that it stopped indexin the latest e-mail. Then after multiple clean reinstallations, upgrades to 8.5 and downgrades to 8.5.1 the end result is:

8.4.1 does not work at all. The trange 32 bit error and crash immediately after launching the application. Even in the uninstaller cannot complete the job, I had to upgrade to 8.5 and it's uninstaller in the end was able to remove the program from my hard drive
8.5 does nont work at all, crashed imemdiately

The end result, I cannot make neither of the versions to work and I hate to say this, but I am so dependent on then X1 so I had to go to buy the Lookeen competitive product while waiting for your team to fix the issues you have.

Please indicate in the next version upgrade:
* Clear descriptions what you have changed and fixed
* Make it on a different version number like 8.5.1 to we can see the differene
* Create a clear installation tool that optinally wipes out all of the X1 content that I can do a true clean installation
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