Multi search items don't add up to sum of single searches

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Multi search items don't add up to sum of single searches

Postby Blairski » Fri Nov 15, 2019 2:41 pm


I am doing an "All" search for multiple items (I am validating the search return results and learning this software and how it works. I have simplified the testing by just using two terms.)

everything between the brackets are used for for searching. intent is for clarifying how searches are done.

Search terms are {elk grove} and {orangevale}

if I search {orangevale} I get 918 results
if I search {"elk grove"} I get 3392 results
the sum of these two results would be 4310.

If I search {"elk grove" AND orangevale} I get 318 (I understand this isn't the correct search as it returns only items where both search terms are in a file/email etc.)
if I search {"elk grove" OR orangevale} I get 3992
the difference of 4310 - 3992 = 318.
Is the 2 term search leaving out the 318 items where {elk grove} and {orangevale} are both in the result?

What am I missing here? How do I search in X1 for multiple items such that I am getting a full search for each item? How do I 'code' my search so I put all the items in the search bar and get 4310?


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Re: Multi search items don't add up to sum of single searche

Postby Jogy » Tue Dec 17, 2019 10:27 am


If I read correctly the results, that looks like working fine.

Suppose you have 3 items in total:
First one contains the term "orangevale"
Second one contains the term "elk grove"
Third one contains both "orangevale" and "elk grove"

So, if you search for "elk grove", it will return 2 results.
If you search for "orangevale", it will return again 2 results.

But if you combine them with OR, it will return 3 total, not 2+2=4, because one of the items matches both terms and is not returned twice.

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