Bug Report: Deleted Thunderbird profile emails stuck in XDS

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Bug Report: Deleted Thunderbird profile emails stuck in XDS

Postby w0qj » Mon May 01, 2006 2:07 am

Bug Report XDS v5.5.2: Deleted Thunderbird profile emails stuck in XDS

I had 3.8 GB worth of Thunderbird v1.5.0.2 emails (imported from my Outlook Express 6).

-I had disabled the option of "Keep Copies of Emails in Index".
-Closed down XDS v5.5.2
-I then uninstalled Thunderbird.
-Manually deleted the 3.8 GB worth of Thunderbird email files (the uninstall purposely left these alone).

I then started XDS v5.5.2 again, then immediately proceeded to re-index my email files (including refreshing Thunderbird "emails") again.

***I stiill find that XDS still had all Thunderbird email/attachment entries left in its index (ie: XDS still showed the search result in the [Results_Pane], but could not Preview it.
The error message said "Unable to locate this email message. It may have been either deleted, moved, or is located in a profile that is not currently connected..."

As repeated re-index of thunderbird (By pressing the Tools>>Options>>Email>>Mozilla's "Index Thunderbird Now") did not solve this problem, so I investigated further.

I find that:
-XDS did set itself to "Never index Thunderbird emails" which is the correct thing to do (it's been uninstalled).
-But checking the Thunderbird email folder structure, XDS had decided to set up the default Inbox/Outbox/Sent/Trash folders, even though all such email folders (along with my other user email folders) had been deleted previously.

Clearing the entire XDS index and do a new Initial Index solves this problem, but inconvenient.

Relevant *.LOG files and screenshots were sent to X1/Greg.
Rgds / Mr. Wong

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