Dedicated hardware hotkey for launching X1 searching (Part2)

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Dedicated hardware hotkey for launching X1 searching (Part2)

Postby w0qj » Thu Aug 24, 2006 7:55 pm

Further to our previous idea of a dedicated hardware hotkey button for launching X1 searching:

It seems that Logitech also has the same idea with their new mouse: ... ution-mice ... nguageid=1

One-Touch Search

Marking another breakthrough in navigation, the One-Touch Search feature can be married to a user’s search application, such as Yahoo!(R) or Google(R). When a word or phrase is highlighted in a document or on a Web page, a click of the One-Touch Search button, located just beneath the scroll wheel, automatically begins a search of the Web or computer system.

==>Notice that it says, pressing the One-Touch Search mouse button launches searching at Yahoo, Google, or your COMPUTER SYSTEM.

Microsoft's desktop search?

Why not X1 ?
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