XEC locking up files, slows down my file manipulation work

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XEC locking up files, slows down my file manipulation work

Postby askwong » Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:22 pm

XEC locking up files, slows down my file manipulation work

I find XEC is now locking up files for 10 seconds or more, actually slowing down my real life office work:

In my workflow of fax-to-email (saving as *.TIF) for document archiving, and I'm hit with a double whammy:

1) XEC locks up my file immediately after saving my email attachment onto my desktop, so I cannot rename the file, nor can I manipulate it (the default program says someone else is using the file, or I must use "Read Only" mode to open it).

After 10 seconds, XEC releases the file after indexing.
(Now I can re-arrange the order of *.TIF pages, and/or add more pages from other *.TIF files).

2) I now rename my *.TIF file, and XEC locks up the file again, preventing me from moving the file on my desktop back to my data folder for yet another 10 seconds.

Hope X1 is listening--this above simple two-step process that should have taken only a few seconds (without XEC's RTI) to do is literally taking me a full minute, and this is repeating more than a dozen times daily, each working day.

X1 really need to work on this file locking problem, as I'm sorely tempted to diable the Real Time Indexing (and set files to index every 15 minutes).

XEC does save me time finding my info, but the RTI (Real Time Indexing) is slowing down my real life office work in the meanwhile.

[Edit: ditto for my Outlook Express email... I sometimes cannot compact my OE with XEC running, otherwise "another program is using it, and may even have my Inbox corrupted:

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