How to enable network indexing in recent releases of X1

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How to enable network indexing in recent releases of X1

Postby Kenward » Fri Oct 06, 2006 2:43 pm

There is a steady trickle of questions from people who still want to enable network searching in recent versions of X1. It doesn't work by default any more.

The various help files and downloads do explain how to achieve this, but it still causes problems. So here is how I got it to work at my end.

From the downloads area, I retrieved the file:

Which you will find here:

When I requested this file, I had to give an email address. This meant that I received a serial number. I used this in the appropriate place.

I installed x1_deployment_manager_3248.exe

I ran X1Admin. (I did not "Launch X1 in administration mode.")

This asked me to point it at a client file.

I chose:


This may change in later releases.

I then went carefully through the various options and picked the "X1 Client Application Options" to "Allow indexing of network shares".

At the end of the process, I had an x1-setup.exe file that, when launched. installed X1 with network indexing enabled.

Of course, I had to add the locations to index, which I did through the menus:

->More Indexing Options
->Add to List

I then had access to the network.

If you have Windows XP Pro, there is another way to achieve network indexing. You will find the details somewhere in the discussion:

Mapped Network Drives Not Indexable

If this doesn't work for you, come back and explain where it all went wrong. Then perhaps someone will be able to solve your problem. But do remember to provide as much information as possible "It didn't work here," is not very helpful.
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Postby w0qj » Sun Dec 16, 2007 7:25 pm

XEC is now network indexing ENABLED by default, since XEC v5.6.4
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